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Dikla is one of the most influential and sought-after female musicians in Israel. She is undoubtedly one of the favorited and high-quality voices in Israeli music.

Her five masterful solo albums, writing and musical production for the best artists brought her to the place of the audience's favorited and her performances have long since become a cult of emotional turmoil and musical aesthetics to which many make pilgrimages to.

Dikla stars in the Israeli soundtrack with her hits and her unique stamp moves and juggles between styles that affect and touch everyone. Dikla's shows fill the biggest concert halls in Israel such as: Caesarea Amphitheater, the Culture Hall, the Zappa, Gerry and Reading halls.

The performances have become a household name and are attended by a wide and diverse audience thanks to her ability to combine joy and emotion, a magnetic energy that the audience devotes to her and she to them. The show won several titles, and what made it what it is, is the devoted audience of Dikla, which is an experience in itself.

The show is accompanied by a band of five musicians and a magnificent repertoire of hits and one Dikla that is thrown into the audience's arms without hesitation or thought. Among her famous hits and performances: He Writes To Me Mami, And If We Get Separated, Seven In The Evening, With Me, Black Mascara, Here Comes The Rain Again, White Piano, Good Morning, My Wonderful Loneliness, Oh My Heart, There Is No More Love Like That and more many others.