Zware Metalen presents: Asphyx

tickets Doors open 20:00 Commencing 20:30

Asphyx stands for debilitating death metal where especially Drunen's grunt lingers, the bass drums pound the hair out of your nose and the roughly mixed CDs cannot be melted away from the collection of the diehard Asphyx fan.

Asphyx surprises you with unexpected tempo accelerations and doomy guitar riffs, to give you goosebumps. The legendary Death Doom band from Twente is one of the Netherlands' largest export products of extreme metal and has been playing halls all over the world completely flat since the 1980s! Their latest achievement Necroceros was written and recorded during the lockdown, presented to the world via live stream from Metropool Hengelo and is the craziest and dirtiest album the gentlemen have released so far.

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20:00 | Room open
20:30 | Start Necrotesque
21:20 | Start Graceless
22:30 | Start Asphyx

* All times are subject to change.