Opening Hours

Donderdag 15:00 – 02.00
Vrijdag 16:00 – 02.00
Zaterdag 15:00 – 02.00



The P60 Café is open again. Reservations are no longer required, so come by whenever you feel like it. During your visit you have to take into account a number of things:

Guidelines for guests

• Coats should be hung on the guest's chair.
• Upon entering you should first wash your hands.
• Cough or sneeze in the inside of your elbow.
• Use paper tissues (these are in the toilet)
• Keep 1.5 meters away from other guests and our staff at all times
• Do not shake hands
• Pay contactless as much as possible.

Guidelines for P60 Café staff

• Every day a check will be done from P60 with our staff; they will not work that day if they have complaints.
• Tables, chairs and menus are thoroughly cleaned after guests have left.
• The staff of P60 café regularly washes their hands, coughing / sneezing in their elbow.