doors open 18:00Start 19:00

Exactly 35 years ago, the legendary concert movie "Stop Making Sense" from new wave / post-punk band Talking Heads was released.  During this night  "Stop Making Sense" will be performed in full by a six-member formation ( Meneer van Dalen), including the dances and gray suits. An ode to "one of the best rock movies ever made"!

The film starts with frontman David Byrne, who performs on stage with a guitar and tape recorder "Psycho Killer". During the show, the stage is slowly built up and more and more band members appear.

With its catchy, energetic performance, the film has imprinted itself on the collective memory of the music lover. Take for example the characteristic dance steps, exciting light effects and of course Byrne's famous “big suit”. Because of this large suit, his head seemed smaller than his body, Byrne emphasized that you should feel music and not think about it too much.