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Due to the measures taken by the government regarding the COVID-19 virus all events and gatherings have been prohibited until June 1st 2020. This means Glennis Grace's show has been postponed. Luckily we have found a new date for this show, namely October 22nd 2020! All tickets bought for the previous date stay valid. Ticket holders will receive an e-mail from Ticketmaster. Cant make it one the new date? Contact Ticketmaster for a refund. 

In 2019, Glennis Grace surprised the USA with her participation on the popular show America's Got Talent. Of course we already knew all about her immense singing talent, partially thanks to her rendition of Whitney Houston on the popular show 'the Soundmix Show'. And let us not forget her memorable performance of 'Afscheid' on the show 'De Beste Zangers van Nederland'.

After all her Whitney Houston tributes, the Amsterdam singer is coming back to the clubs in 2020 presenting her 'More of Me' tour. She states: "In 2020 I will continue on my chosen path with a tour through The Netherlands. During this club tour, with my own band, I will show you more of me: more personable, more approachable, more of my own music, More of Me".