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Inspired, energetic and original: throughout the 90's Rick de Leeuw and his Tröckner Kecks were real trendsetters in the Dutch rock scene. Together with Thé Lau (The Scene) he paved the way for famous Dutch bands such as Van Dik Hout and Bløf.

Rick de Leeuw and his Kecks played festival after festival, summer after summer. With songs such as 'Met Hart En Ziel', 'Een Dag Zo Mooi' en 'De Jacht is Mooier Dan De Vangst' The Kecks provided the soundtrack to a whole generation. 

Now Rick de Leeuw is back with a new solo album called 'Zonder Omweg'. Together with Zornik's Koen Buyse and Mens Frank Vander Linden, he has written 11 songs about being homesick, sex, cruelty and desire. Sometimes dark, sometimes uplifting and always intense. Robust and poetic and at times indulgently sharp. Sober, pure and no-nonsense, witout any detours. 

Line up: Rick de Leeuw (voc), Jan Hautekiet (keys), Axl Peleman (bass), Roeland Vandemoortele (elec guitar), Ron Reuman (drums), Manu Huylebroeck (acc guitar).