doors open 15:00Start 15:30

Living metal legend and put-grunter Chris Barnes returns to P60 with his band Six Feet Under and co-headliner Magnacult. Support acts tonight will be Mecalimb, Psykotribe.

Christ Barnes gained fame quickly in the 90s with his band Cannibal Corpse, because of his deep grunts and insane stage presence. After the fourth album Barnes decided to quit the band and started Six Feet Under. His signature grunts and headbanging stayed, but the music developed into a groovy form of Death Metal, which shot the band straight to the top.

Co-headlining with SFU is MagnaCult. The Dutch Death Metal band was praised by the media quickly after their debut. After the release of their first album Synore, the band toured with FiveFinger Death Punch, Kitty, Shadow Falls and more. Expect a mix of grooving Death Metal, Trash Metal and Metalcore. Hard riffs, roaring bass and diverse drums.