doors open 18:00Start 19:00

De Dijk return to P60! The band that has reached veteran status still knows how to enchant the audience in the most unforgettable way.

The enthusiasm and dedication of singer Huub van der Lubbe on stage combined with the equally impressive band behind him makes us believe De Dijk will continue to make music for many years.

Established in 1981, De Dijk is one of the most well known and succesful Dutch bands. The band has received multiple important awards in the Dutch pop music scene and by now they have played every stage, festival and venue in The Netherlands. Their mix of soul, blues, rock and chansons made lots of waves in the Dutch music scene. Think of hits such as 'Als Ze Er Niet Is', 'Ga In Mijn Schoenen Staan', 'Binnen Zonder Kloppen' and 'Bloedend Hart'. These songs are but a small selection of the succesful catalogue the band has created. We might as well call them the Godfathers of Dutch pop music.