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Time flies... which unfortunately means it has been a few years since the amazing David Bowie passed away. What better way to celebrate this exceptional artist by having some of the best Dutch musicians gather and play through some his most profound work. Prof. Nomad (Bart Bartels) will honour Bowie together with his band.

The band exists of excellent musicians from multiple bands (Douwe Bob, Niels Geusebroek, Gigantjes, Dotan, Henny Vrienten) with the amazing Edgar Koelemijer portraying David Bowie in his own unique style.

Expect everything from his repetoire from his greatest hits (Rebel Rebel, Wild is the Wind, Ziggy, Heroes, Jean Genie, Fame, Let’s Dance, Golden Years etc.) to the more obscure songs.

Line –up: 
Drums- Stephan van der Meijden
Bass -Bartel Bartels
Keys - PP Everts
Guitar – Alan McLachlan 
Guitar- Reinier Scheffer
Vocals- Edgar Koelemijer