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To celebrate that the ever so exhilarating saxophone playing Hans Dulfer has been operating the sax for 65 years now while also reaching the unimaginable age of 80, Hans Dulfer presents a new band with unmistakably talented musicians and a fresh new repetoire filled with Dulfer classics.

Who hasn't grown up listening to the ruthless sax sound of Hans Dulfer? Through his illustrious and progressive formations (PErikels, Reflud, Big Boy) Dulfer worked his way up the ladder to become the most well known sax player in The Netherlands. Prepare to take a look at the past together with Dulfer, without regret, and celebrate like tomorrow never existed. 

Coronaproof setting!

This show will take place in a Corona-proof setting as we have taken some measures to make your visit as safe as possible. These measures are the following:

  • At the entrance, we will ask you to disinfect your hands with hand-gel and also a few questions about your health condition 
  • Seats will be set up 1,5 meter apart from each other.  You will be placed based on the number of tickets you have purchased.
  • Drinks can be ordered via Whatsapp and will be served at your table during the show! 
  • The ventilation we use ensures that 100% outside air is blown in.