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Once again, P60 and CeltCast bring you an evening filled with live music! This time, we dive deeply into Pagan Folk with the Dutch band SeeD and our eastern neighbours: the German band Waldkauz!


SeeD Pagan Folk

The Fae and Pagan Folk band SeeD taps into both the magical world of the Ancient Fae and the modern world of fantasy, dreams and stories, making these worlds collide and converge. SeeD aims to help the people struggling in this world, to tell the listener tales of the vast Fae realms, to make people laugh and dance, and to inspire them to explore things the modern world has lost. They play original music, most of which is dreamed up, written and composed collectively by the band members. Played only on acoustic instruments, the band’s music sounds both familiar and novel.
SeeD has become widely known in the European Pagan, Medieval, Fantasy and Folk scene, performing in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK. After their previously realeased albums “Portal to Elfland” and “Through the Veil”, and with the arrival of Joe Hennon, they managed to release two singles in 2020. “Het Vergeten Volk” won prizes in the Fantasy Awards and became symbolic for the situation the world was in that year.


Songs about ancient magic, the power of nature and the dance of life and death. A mesmerising blend of music to dance and dream to with wild, energetic tunes alongside the ethereal and intimate, united by the binding theme of old myths and legends. This is WALDKAUZ. On historic and modern instruments they combine their own contemporary compositions with influences from European folk music. Danceable rhythms intertwine with catchy melodies while harmonies for up to four voices enchant the audience.
In January of 2020, Alana Bennett (hurdy-gurdy, harp, violin and vocals) and Diana Koper (vocals) joined the band. And currently, after their debut album "Komm mit" and their sophomore album "Mythos" (2017), the band is working on their third album. WALDKAUZ can look back on seven years of experience as a touring and performing band, nationally and internationally. Among past events and festivals are Wacken Open Air, Festival Mediaval, Wave Gotik Treffen, Castlefest (NL) and Autumn Moon Festival. Furthermore the band also played many events at the Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum (MPS), the worlds largest traveling Medieval Fair. They have many fans across the genres of medieval, pagan, fantasy and folk music.



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