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EP ‘Evolve’, is Jack Jarryd’s first sign of life. A promising start for the young artist. With fire and devotion, the singer pours his heart out in a series of dynamic songs. His voice serves as his weapon and shield, while moving from elevating pop and rock to touching ballads. In a vivid performance, he strives for the ultimate engagement with the audience, either through sincere vulnerability or electrifying rock ’n roll.

The past four years, Jack Jarryd went through a confronting evolution after abandoning fixed patterns in his life. A process of pain and triumph that also had its influence on him as songwriter and artist. In moments of sorrow and euphoria, he found strong melodies and a powerful voice. Let go of the situation, accept the pain, or embrace the fear and memories from the past.

Some processes are unstoppable, despite your desire to do so. The direction of a song is always towards a solution, towards the light. With idols such as Prince, Phil Collins, and Elton John, you know that the quality of a song is just as important as the way you impersonate them.

At the age of six, Jack Jarryd started on the podium as a drummer, after which he stepped into the spotlights as a lead singer on the age of fifteen. Over the years he moved along the Dutch main trajectory for talents and gained the experience needed for a mature start of a new adventure. By writing his own songs, he must prove himself and be vulnerable. Combining the warmth of analogue instruments with the versatility of digital synths, Jack Jarryd strives to create modern classics. Each song tells an honest story and has its own unique, astonishing world, in which both identification and alienation are allowed. Enjoy the ride and evolve.